Escape Abunai!


Escape Abunai

He was a true believer. Even back when he was a little kid he was obsessed with aliens and their existence. In order to prove this to the masses he became a scientist. Years and years were spent and he ended up with several degrees, one in astrobiology, and one in xenoarcheology. After this he started working on several SETI projects, even spending all his free time, just to prove he was right.

A few weeks ago he made an astounding discovery, and tried to warn everyone, sadly he was ridiculed, and he disappeared two days ago. 

We, his SETI colleagues, have been looking for him ever since, his research is all garbled, and we need his data in order to see what he was warning us for. There are only 45 minutes left, can you discover what it was he tried to warn us for?

At Abunai! 2016 we are having a unique event. You and 5 friends will have 45 minutes to escape, and find out what our scientist was trying to tell us, so you will need to hurry up, before time runs out, or you will find yourself in trouble.